Purpose-Built Wild Dog & Dingo Grid Protector, since 1982.

Comtel’s custom Grid And Road Dog Alert (GARDA) system is used to humanely deter wild dogs and dingos from properties and cattle grids.

The unit incorporates many dog scaring capabilities including audible alerts to deter dogs and dingos, and strobing spotlights to disorient dogs’ night vision. 

The GARDA’s ultrasonic sound generator produces a warbling noise to deter dogs and dingos and piezo alerts to fill the lower frequencies for older dogs,  almost undetectable to a human ear except for a faint ‘clicking’ sound.

The GARDA systems features:


  • Sun protection for delicate sensors
  • Lockable case
  • Security mountable
  • Adjustable sensors
  • Solar powered

Easy to repair & maintain

We understand that you may not have access to an electronics store, so the GARDA system is built using readily available retail electronic components. However, you can send them back to Comtel for full refurbishment.

The unit features daylight and headlight controls to ensure the unit is safe to use near traffic spots and won’t illuminate when headlights of vehicles have passed.

Constructed from recycled and durable 30mm bulletproof US Army ammunition case, the GARDA system is solar-powered with no wiring required and can be fitted with image capture and data connectivity to monitor wild dogs being deterred from cattle grids.

Do you need a wild dog protection system?

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