Monitor Your Fleet with a GPS Vehicle Tracking & Workforce Management System.

Whether you need an IAP (Intelligent Access Program), IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System), or AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location),  job dispatch, simple vehicle tracking or proof of delivery systems, you can trust Comtel’s experience and ability to provide the appropriate in-vehicle monitoring systems for your business.

Why use in-vehicle tracking?

In-vehicle monitoring systems allow you to increase transparency across your fleet and workforce, enabling you to provide a safer and more accurate service while cutting costs and improving efficiency.

With Comtel’s in-vehicle monitoring systems, you can:


  • Track your fleet in real-time
  • Reduce unnecessary administration costs
  • Easily manage vehicle maintenance schedules
  • Obtain signature for proof of delivery
  • Improve OH&S compliance and driver safety
  • Improve flexibility and response times to jobs
  • Locate vehicles are at all times
  • Report by exception 
  • Record internal and external video
  • Monitor internal cabin noise and air quality 

Basic In-Vehicle Monitoring System for Contractors & Service Providers

The vehicle tracking system allows vehicles to be tracked via GPS and geotagging in real-time, and produces maps of where a vehicle has been, what speed they were travelling at and where they’ve been.

It provides a statistical analysis of driver behaviour in commercial vehicles on a weekly or monthly basis. This includes: 

  • Over speed alerts
  • Harsh breaking
  • Roll over alerts
  • Breaking or accelerating too fast
  • Use outside of business hours

In-Vehicle Monitoring System for Complex Vehicles

For vehicles with complex monitoring needs, Comtel offers in-vehicle monitoring systems for greater protection to drivers and vehicles. The complex in-vehicle system integrates cameras, geotagging, and GPS tracking to provide reports with live imagery and location information for larger vehicles, such as garbage trucks, city sweepers and buses.

The images from the cameras on the vehicles can provide a 360 degree view of your vehicle and driver actions.

All reports for the in-vehicle monitoring system are secure and encrypted to ensure evidence cannot be tampered with. The system reports on:

  • Driver behaviour
  • Pre-vehicle and post-vehicle checks
  • Emergency alerts
  • Vehicle accidents
  • General vehicle monitoring alerts

Safety Vehicle Monitoring Systems for Mine Spec Vehicles

Mining vehicles are heavily regulated as part of the light vehicle and safety requirements. Comtel’s in-vehicle tracking systems are designed to ensure mining vehicles are compliant and meet operation mine safety standards.

The system ensures drivers of mine spec vehicles meet standards by tracking:

  • Drivers are wearing a seatbelt on dirt roads
  • Water, petrol and oil levels are at appropriate levels
  • Speed limits on mine roads, and dirt roads
  • Handbreak is on when vehicles are stopped
  • Doors are shut properly
  • GPS tracking
  • Check times vehicles are in use and at locations
  • Who is driving the vehicle (via key fob)

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