Monitor, Report & Increase Compliance with Comtel’s Security & Access Control Systems.

Comtel’s security and access control systems are an efficient and accurate way of monitoring your workplace facilities, increasing safety, productivity, and compliance, whilst ensuring oversights are removed.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), our smart access control systems provide you with greater control and visibility across your workplace. This includes recognising abnormalities in your facilities and granting you and your team access to your sites or particular areas of your workplace.

The systems can be integrated with CCTV cameras to identify unusual circumstances or activity, triggering an alert to the nominated individual.

CCTV Systems

Comtel’s security & access control systems can:


  • Cloud and on-premise solutions 
  • Integration to guest and visitor management systems
  • Report on unusual activity
  • Grant different levels of access 

Comtel provides and installs the right tools for your job. With high-quality vendors and support from the Comtel team and the manufacturers, we can maintain your security and access control systems.

Industries we partner with to monitor compliance, and health & safety


  • Food production facilities
  • Medical facilities
  • Waste facilities
  • Distribution centres
  • Retail centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Restaurants, pubs, bars & nightclubs

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Learn more about Comtel’s managed services to ensure your security and access control systems are maintained and performing to specifications or to suit your needs.

Managed Services

If uptime is critical to your business, learn more about Comtel’s support agreement with guaranteed response and fault rectification times.

Support Agreements

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